In the past year the number of telemedicine platform have sky rocketed.  The demand is even starting to grow amongst our younger generation of healthcare providers.  Choosing a telemedicine platform can be overwhelming with so many options available.  In this blog, I’m going to compare three popular telemedicine companies (Doctor on Demand, Teladoc, and TruClinic) to RealTime Clinic.  Let’s begin with RealTime Clinic.

RealTime Clinic is a mobile platform to enable safe and effective telemedicine consults.  The platform leverages off-the-shelf technology as well as licensed technology to build a first generation platform to delivering superior service.  Healthcare providers on RealTime Clinic  can extend their service levels for existing patients while allowing access to new patients.  

RealTime Clinic promptly pays physicians for patient visits by capturing payment at the time of the visit.  RealTime Clinic  allows physicians easy access to all the benefits of a combined office model plus a telemedicine model including being able to see patients anywhere at anytime.  RealTime Clinic  offers scheduling services, payment services, and provides a platform for physicians to augment current income with incremental income and profits.  Click to view ten reasons why to use RealTime Clinic.


Companies What They Do Remarks
Doctor on Demand
  • Video consultations on iOS & Android devices
  • Available 4am-11pm PST
  • $40 per 15 min
  1. Providers must join a 3rd party company
  2. Limited types of specialties
  3. Have to pay additional $40 for more minutes
  • 24/7 access to US board doctors
  • Just added video to phone consultations
  • $38 per consult + annual fee ($150 or less)
  1. Patients can’t choose their provider
  2. Weak video feature (sued by American Well)
  3. Not favored by providers
  • Cloud-based telemedicine platform
  • Made for only providers
  • Pay for time of usage
  1. Platform not designed for patients
  2. Can be complicated
  3. Average technology

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