RealTime Clinic brilliantly combines technology and design to significantly improve doctor/patient relationship:

  • Benefits Providers
    • Give Employees a Benefit that Enhances Their Wellness and Your Bottom Line
  • Health Plans
    • Advanced Telemedicine Solutions. Good for Business. Good for Patients
  • Healthcare Systems
    • A Solution That Increases Both Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Because I believe that if technology is used to better serve the doctor/patient relationship, and if technology is used to improve the patient’s experience of their care, only then we can successfully achieve the “Quadruple aim” of healthcare:

  1. Improved outcomes
  2. Better quality care
  3. Lower costs
  4. Sustainable well-being for healthcare professionals

Telemedicine cannot—and I would argue it should not—ever replace the house call. But it can significantly add to the doctor/patient relationship, improve communication, and provide the ability of a multidisciplinary team to follow up with comprehensive, coordinated care between home visits.


Source: Telemedicine and the Changing Healthcare LandscapeMedCity News

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