Realtime for healthcare providers

Earn More, Receive Fast Payment, Enjoy Greater Flexibility

RealTime Healthcare

Treat New and Existing Patients Online

RealTime Clinic’s advanced platform enables you to offer safe, secure telemedicine to existing patients while extending your reach to new patients.

Receive Fast Treatement

RealTime Clinic promptly pays you for the patients you see by capturing payment at the time of visit.

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Open telemedicine platform for use on PC and mobile devices

1. Patient schedules appointment via a secure link 2. Appointment is added to provider’s schedule 3. One click to launch appointment with patient


Why RealTime Clinic?

No contractNo contract or long-term agreement required

Integrated APIIntegrated APIs to support e-prescribing, billing, scheduling, and more

Adpatable for ProvidersAdaptable to needs of the provider

Safe and secureSafe, secure, and HIPPA compliant

Healthcare Providers

Advanced Telemedicine Solutions. Good for Business. Good for Patients.

With RealTime Clinic, you get a white-label, HIPPA compliant solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing system. The user-friendly platform is compatible with both PCs and mobile devices. Fully HIPPA compliant and secure, RealTime Clinic gives health plan providers a competitive edge along with improved communication and connectivity.

A Solution That Increases Both Patient and Staff Satisfaction

RealTime Clinic offers clinical app integration to support a higher level of patient care and better data management. By providing a wide variety of support services such as two-way screen share, care coordination tools, patient engagement apps, and conferencing capabilities, RealTime Clinic is the solution for healthcare systems focused on improving outcomes, as well as overall patient and staff satisfaction.