Very cool article in Healthcare IT News about the rise in telemedicine adoption amongst healthcare providers and patients.

  1. Telemedicine adoption up 65% for hospitals and 34% for physician practices.

    • It’s always exciting to see healthcare providers getting more involved in digital health. Its also an excellent opportunity for patients to start becoming more involved in their own care. Wearable devices and telehealth technologies allow patients to be less dependent on their providers while still staying in touch.  
  2. With an increase of 70%, two-way video/webcam is the most utilized telemedicine feature.

    • This isn’t surprising since the coming generations are raised on the internet.  Video engines like FaceTime and Skype have made video calls second nature.  Patients and healthcare providers shouldn’t have any difficulty getting use to telemedicine.
  3. The “hub and spoke” method is the most popular model at 57%.

    • E.g. Laptops and smart phone & tablets equipped with patient portals.  According to Brendan Fitzgerald a research director at HIMSS Analytics, patient telemedicine adoption grew from 43% in 2014 to 58% in 2015.


Source: Why a 3 percent rise in telehealth usage makes a big difference | Healthcare IT News

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